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Thanks for responding and your interest. I understand your position, and we're beginning to coordinate with CDISC and RCRIM to save on everyone's time.  We are currently working on an extension for the SDTM model (draft note on the DSE site).

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Dear Eric

I have not forgotten you and I am certainly a strong believer in 
ontologies and semantic web ! But it is a question of priorities and 
finding the right people to work on this.
If you could  keep me informed on progress from time to time, it would be 
great.  We will get into this at some point - but again I need to right 

Best regards


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        Subject:        Clinical Standards and Semantic Web technologies


Kerstin Forsberg of AstraZeneca suggested I contact you regarding our 
collaborative work on applying Semantic Web standards (RDF-OWL) to Drug 
Safety and Efficacy issues. Kerstin, myself and several others are working 
together on trying to extend the CDISC's SDTM model to handle more complex 
sets of observation and diagnostic data, using the semantics framework (

I have been in discussion with CDISC folks, especially Landen Bain and 
Pierre-Yves Lastic (SA), and we hope to show some of this early work to 
CDISC in the near future. We would be delighted if you would be able to 
participate with this effort, which is as part of the Semantic Web 
Healthcare and Life Sciences initiative (, 
which I co-chair. 

FYI-- Other members of Novartis have met with the W3C team to discuss 
possibly joining the group, but the DSE task force is a recent 
development, and so was not yet discussed. If you have any questions, feel 
free to ask me.


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