Re: Final Linked Data Glossary (was Re: def'n of resource?)

I'm confused about the direction this discussion has taken. As per the
action items from last week's GLD, we engaged in a discussion on the
list that iterated to the following (Sandro's version) that (a) I like
and (b) no one objected to in the thread:

1-star: Publish your data on the Web in any format (eg PDF or JPEG
image of a table of numbers) accompanied by an explicit "open license"
(expression of rights)

2-star: Publish your data in a structured, machine-readable format (eg
an application's own data files, perhaps in binary or XML)

3-star: Publish your data in a documented, non-proprietary format (eg CSV, KML)

4-star: Publish an RDF (subject-property-value) view of your data (eg
a Turtle file, or a SPARQL endpoint for a SQL database)

5-star: When available, use common identifiers based on working links
to useful or definitive data sources (eg use
<> as the id for Tim

What is wrong with the above???

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