ADMS progress

Following the updates I made to ADMS recently, it was reviewed by Nikos 
Loutas of PwC who effectively speaks for the primary existing 
implementation of ADMS (indeed the only implementation I'm aware of). 
I've taken his comments on board and taken action that I believe is most 
appropriate [1]. That done I believe ADMS is done except for one issue 
which is the possible inclusion of dcat:contactPoint.

If the WG resolves to include dcat:contactPoint then that's what ADMS 
should use (ADMS is a profile of DCAT, not the other way round).

If the WG does not so resolve then adms:contactPoint should stay.

Any and all comments welcome of course. Current editor's draft is at



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Received on Wednesday, 8 May 2013 12:24:12 UTC