Re: status of dcat?


I have dcat ready. I was currently checking the what the pub rules are and check dcat against them. Apart from that I can send the email to request the transition now if it is not too late.

On 11 Mar 2013, at 21:18, Sandro Hawke <> wrote:

> So I'm seeing consensus on issue-14 and issue-54.  At this point, I suppose we're too late to publish on schedule tomorrow?    Fadi, what's the status?  Anything I can do to help?   Or do we fall back to Thursday?   (publications only happen on Tuesday and Thursday, and often the document needs to be ready the day before.)
> The publicity would be a little less confusing if we did dcat and qb at the same time, I think, so if dcat is waiting for Thursday, maybe qb should as well.
>       -- Sandro

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