Re: ORG: proposed Last Call draft for review

Agh! I really should read e-mail threads bottom up...

Right, take 2. So now I've gone back to the wiki and put back most of 
Richard's changes. I think the wording around not using terms from other 
vocabs where this one will do is fine in Dave's version so I've kept that.

s/declare/define/ yes.

Requiring given formats - OK - that makes sense. Dave - do you think 
that bullet could be added to ORG (you didn't include it).

On 10/10/2012 08:56, Richard Cyganiak wrote:
> Phil, Dave,
> On 4 Oct 2012, at 15:59, Phil Archer wrote:
>>> How about drafting a “boilerplate vocabulary conformance section” in
>>> the wiki, with an eye towards using it (with variations where
>>> appropriate) in all our vocabularies, but also with an eye towards
>>> proposing it as something that's potentially applicable beyond GLD?
>>> Phil, do you want to take a first stab at this wiki page?
>> Done
> Nice. I've tweaked it a bit. Diff here:
> Changes:
> * Re-phrase the bit about not using terms from other vocabularies to simply say, "use terms from this vocabulary where possible"
> * say that profiles may require specific concrete protocols, formats, and syntaxes
> * s/declare/define/
> Plus some of Dave's wording tweaks from ORG.
> Best,
> Richard


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