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[fxtf-drafts] [css-masking-1] `clip` applies-to section should mention <marker>, not <mask> (#197)

[fxtf-drafts] [css-masking-2] Support <g> element in clipping paths (#17)

[fxtf-drafts] [css-masking] Disabling masks and clipPaths when display is none (#245)

[fxtf-drafts] [css-masking] Support <g> element in clipping paths (#17)

[fxtf-drafts] [filter-effects-2] Add a shorthand color-channel adjustment function similar to feComponentTransfer (#256)

[fxtf-drafts] [filter-effects] Browsers don't match spec for feDisplacementMap (#113)

[fxtf-drafts] [filter-effects] Define filter regions for SVG filters applied to HTML elements (#337)

[fxtf-drafts] [filter-effects] feComponentTransfer type="table" has undefined behavior when only one table value is given (#336)

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