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(HighPri)Disappeared sections 'Evaluation Context', 'Maintaining Position: the Focus' and 'References, Dependencies, and Dynamic Dependencies'

Agenda for 2012-03-06

Agenda for 2012-03-14: Note European start time

Agenda for 2012-03-21

Agenda for 2012-03-28; please participate by IRC if you can't call

Attributes in XForms that don't support AVT's

Can we resolve to go to FPWD before our charter expires on March 30

Changed context child of dispatch to property

Community Group

Completed actions

Custom functions (Major re-write, please review)

Draft minutes for 2012-03-07

Draft minutes for 2012-03-14

Draft minutes for 2012-03-21

Draft minutes for 2012-03-28; includes FPWD for XForms 2.0

Draft Minutes: Note European start time

Missing details about "11.21 The iterate attribute"

New XForms Users Community Group

Past, Present and Future Regrets

Preparing XForms 2.0 for FPWD

Regrets for this weeks call

Regrets for Wed. Mar 21

Script action

SETIT 2012 Invitation

Some thoughts on function bodies and <sequence>

XForms 1.0 Basic

XForms 2.0 Transform Module


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