Last call announcement: CSS Basic User Interface Module Level 3 (css3-ui)

Hello SVG WG, HTML WG, WAI PF WG, Forms WG and chairs,

The CSS WG decided to issue a last call for css3-ui:

    Title:          CSS Basic User Interface Module Level 3:
    Editor's draft:


    CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language for describing the
    rendering of HTML and XML documents on screen, on paper, in speech,
    etc. It uses various selectors, properties and values to style basic
    user interface elements in a document. This specification describes
    those user interface related selectors, properties and values that
    are proposed for CSS level 3 to style HTML and XML (including XHTML
    and XForms). It includes and extends user interface related features
    from the selectors, properties and values of CSS level 2 revision 1
    and Selectors specifications.

The previous version was a CR and thus it is in order to integrate the 
implementation experience that the CSS WG decided to publish a new WD.

To quote from the changes section:

    In general this draft contains numerous
    editorial/grammatical/spelling corrections, and several new
    informative examples. This appendix describes minor functional
    changes from the Candidate Recommendation (CR) of 11 May 2004 that
    were made to reflect implementer adoption (or lack thereof) in the
    seven years since. In particular, changes since the CR fall into one
    of three categories: 

      * Minor refinements to features based on implementation

      * Dropping features that were not implemented, or were
        insufficiently implemented to exit CR.

      * Adding a small number of new but already interoperably
        implemented features.

    List of substantial changes

      * System Appearance has been dropped, including appearance values
        & property, and system fonts / extension of the ‘font’ property

      * The ::selection pseudo-element has been dropped since it was
        dropped from Selectors after testing found interoperability
        problems and further details to explore/define.

      * ‘box-sizing’ property. Added ‘padding-box’ value.

      * ‘cursor’ property. Added detail about applying to the border,
        padding, and content areas of the element.

      * ‘ime-mode’ property - new! 

      * ‘text-overflow’ property - new!

We will ask the webmaster to publish the draft next Tuesday and plan to 
set a deadline for comments of 14 February 2012. Please, let us know if 
you need more time.

We'd like to ask especially the SVG WG, HTML WG, Forms WG and WAI PF WG 
for comments. Will you be able to send us some?

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