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"Model-driven Views" thread on webapps

[expath] Re: Cryptographic algorithm module: md5, hmac-sha1, etc.

About XForms 1.2 "The XForms Transform Function Module"

Agenda for 2011-05-04

Agenda for 2011-05-11

Agenda for 2011-05-18

Agenda for 2011-05-25

Draft minutes for 2011-05-04

Draft minutes for 2011-05-18

Draft minutes for 2011-05-25

Implementer question about function adjust-dateTime-to-timezone()

IRC Minutes for 2011-05-11

JSON Instances

JSONx sent to the IETF

Model-driven Views

New implementation:

Orbeon Forms 3.9.0 final now available


Regrets for tomorrow's telecon

Regrets for tomorrow's telecon [eom]

Regrets for tomorrows call

transform function module and action: 1799

XML Transformations within XForms

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