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Advanced appologies for next week.

Agenda for 2010-01-26

Agenda for 2011-01-04

Agenda for 2011-01-11

Agenda for 2011-01-19

An heresy about labels for XForms 1.2

betterForm news

Can we get a news item?

Draft minutes for 2011-01-05

Draft minutes for 2011-01-12

Draft minutes for 2011-01-19

Draft minutes for 2011-01-26


New wiki content available for Constraint-based alerts and MIP name, type, etc.

Please see proposed erratum text for select1 and empty item values

Regrets for next week

Updated minutes for 2011-01-12

Updated minutes for 2011-01-19

What is happening with XBL?

XForms Use Case

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