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@context everywhere; applies to ref and value separately, or applies before ref, then ref applies to value?

[xquery-talk] CA data gold rush

Agenda for 2010-06-02

Agenda for 2010-06-09

Agenda for 2010-06-16

Agenda for 2010-06-22; need scribe

Android W3C App from W3C

Draft minutes for 2010-06-02

Draft minutes for 2010-06-09

Draft minutes for 2010-06-16

DRAFT: Minutes for June 23, 2010 Forms Telecon

HTML/XHTML Compatibility Authoring Guidelines to FPWG

Input bound to boolean node and incremental

Mediawiki to SpecXML Converter

Minutes 2010-06-30

Regrets for todays telecon

Regrets for todays telecon...

Regrets for upcoming calls, Summer 2010

replace="all", replace="new" and different scenarios considered by the group

Simon St. Laurent on standads process

Two mediatype elements

Updated list of action items as of 2010-06-08.

Updated minutes for 2010-06-09

W3C / Forms WG Vacation Schedule

XForms 1.1 Quick Reference

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