case element documentation


I didn't realize that xf:case could live under toggle and that it would 
have either @selected or @value as attributes depending on whether it 
lived under switch or toggle.  Ummm, confusing?  Not only confusing to 
me, but not really spelled out anywhere (although the 'child of toggle' 
section mentions the other kind of case, also).  I would have expected 
some kind of note pointing to both of its usages, trying to eliminate as 
much confusion as possible.  Since there is no index to the spec, I 
expect that the first link I find to 'case element' will give me all of 
the information about the case element.  I expect this for all of the 
elements in the spec.  If it is too late to have this in the 1.1 spec, I 
hope that it will be considered for the next version of the spec.  A 
'one stop shopping' for all information on each element by name.

I also noticed in the schema that 'value' isn't a valid attribute on 
case yet it is documented that it is.  Is the schema not finalized, yet?


Received on Monday, 8 June 2009 18:54:16 UTC