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Susan, Joern, Ulrich, Blake, Nick, Kenneth, 
Rogelio, David, Rafael, MarkB, Keith, Charlie, MarkS, 
Raman, Sebastian, Erik

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Erik, Keith, Joern, John, Kenneth, Leigh, MarkB, 
MarkS, Nick, Rafael, Raman, Rogelio, Sebastian, Steven, 
Susan, Ulrich, Blake, Charlie

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REPORTS (10 minutes)

Upcoming telecons

* Next FtF
Feb. 1 virtual day plus Feb. 4-6 in North Carolina

* The Forms Newsletter - end of Jan. 2008

XForms 1.1

XForms Basic 1.0, 1.1

Rich Web Application Backplane

BUG FIX ISSUES (3 minutes)
* XForms 1.1 CR Typos

* XForms 1.0 TE: Issue with bibliography link

Non-selected case and non-relevant group

Offlist ping about answer for charset and encoding (action MarkB on May 2)

* Access control WD review

Input Mode Issues
- Incomplete example in inputmode Appendix
- Completion of action for issue 106, input mode

Fix our shortname issue

Marketing of XForms


Model driven switch with case attribute

Default trigger

Put ref or context on action element

Proposal to Let value override single node binding on output

Recoverable error on instance src failure

More filtering for submissions

File browser dialog for file submissions

Cancel submission

Tracking submission progress

Need event for submission result received

Need binary data support for submission data and submission result

XML encode/decode, Parse, Serialize functions

Decompress and Base 64 decode on submit serialize for file put
- Related to Compress upload with encoding mime parameter in upload 


* Continue triage of future features

Requirements for XForms 1.2 (MarkB, Nick, Sebastian)

Requirements for XForms 2.0 (?)

Incremental attribute for selection="open" select1/select controls
Entering new possible choices for the control; 
This seems like a new feature request because it pushes new items into the 

Events on startup; events for other UI creation scenarios
E.g. could use more intelligent controls.

The meaning of message

The repeat-* attributes

We should allow the result of calculate to be cast according to the 
assigned datatype,
e.g. no need to call boolean-from-string() if calculate assigns to a 
boolean node.

Single-Node Binding and UICommon* on case element

Better align case with group and switch with select1

Repeat and page view

Extended Actions

multiple schemas targeting same namespace (unresolved when discussed at
COMMENT: The spec restricts a model to one schema per namespace

Parallel trees

Need to distinguish types of bindings

The Next Face-to-face AGENDA

(Agenda ends)


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