TELECON AGENDA - 20 Aug 2008

Regrets so far: Rafael, Uli
Start Time: 10:45am Eastern US (15:45Z, except 14:45Z during US DST)
Duration: 90 minutes

Previous minutes:
IRC supplement:

Minute takers rotation list, when not done by Leigh:
Kenneth/MarkS, MarkB/Paul, Raman, Susan, Nick, Keith, 
Ulrich/Sebastian, Rafael/Rogelio, Charlie, Steven, Erik

* = be ready to discuss

REPORTS (10 minutes)

Upcoming telecons
- Summer availability questionnaire:

Next FtF (October 15-16 Virtual, Oct. 20-21 Cannes)
- Overview:
- Registration:
- Schedule:
- Need zakim booking from by 10 October 2008

- Meetings needed? Spread-the-word activities?
webapps (m12n, js lib), HTML, CDF (mustUnderstand), XML Sec

* The Forms Newsletter

* XForms 1.1
- Editor to incorporate Appendix E Input Mode changes from Steven
- Submission headers fix?
- Event context fix?
- Test suite
- Implementation report progress?

XForms Basic 1.0, 1.1

Rich Web Application Backplane

ACTION ITEMS (10 minutes)
Action Item List:

- News item from Steven?
- Kenneth: XSD 1.1 review?
- John: must coordinate with HTML WG chairs about Forms Joint Task Force
- Steven: Sentence about XHTML Modularization?
- Keith: Action item list updates for test suite actions done?
- Leigh and Kenneth: 1.0 Basic impl report? 
- Nick: Need progress on Action module and Bind module
- Uli: Do you think you might be able to start the submission module?

BUG FIX ISSUES (30 minutes)
* Common event info not exposed in event() function

* Submission header problem
- Duplicate headers same keyname more than one value. 
- How are multiple values handled?
- Serializer receives multiple values and decides what to do
- Put a pointer to http
- must order be preserved?
- intra convertible to single header with comma separated
- What if values themselves are comma separated?
- Beyond order, do we need a combiner for append versus replace
- Accept type?

* The xforms-link-exception


The meaning of message

The repeat-* attributes

Forms Task Force
- Latest:
- Architecture alignment strawman:

Fix our shortname issue

Marketing of XForms

* Draft Instance Data Module
- Need the split to be done soon

* Review of XPath Functions Module
- Review new organization before splitting
- Issues in

* Actions module, XML Events 2, if/while/event()

* Review of Actions module
- Reference to XHTML Modularization, and explanation of meaning of 
- XML Events, if/while
- Examples are very dependent on things not defined

* Review of Bind Module

We should automate boolean-from-string() on the boolean MIPs (relevant, 
readonly, constraint)

Validity notification on initial or hidden data
- Isn't it about time we add an xforms-control-initialize event?
- Seems we need it for modularization to work right

The xforms-hide feature suggestion

XForms 2.0
Refactor dependencies to detect automatic rebuild conditions and reduce 
circular dependencies

Make progress on Model improvements (optional model, nested model, 
external model)

xforms-submit-done response-body and host language submission result 
Discussed 21 May 2008; perhaps only for replace="none"


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