Progress on Functions Module(s)

With some exceptions, I've reorganized the functions module based on the 
emails from Leigh and Erik:

Assuming the division is satisfactory, I will proceed to make separate 

Here are the points of interest:

1) The is-card-number() function was placed under "Data Integrity" as that 
seemed to be enough of a generic name to fit the function, whereas the 
name "E-commerce functions" was so broad that I felt like putting *all* 
our functions into that section.

Another perhaps better place to put it is in the conditional functions. Is 
that a better place?  Any other ideas?

2) The math functions seemed a better place to put random() than data 
integrity, even though random could be used with some of the data 
integrity functions. 

How might we handle the ability to show some of these use cases via 

3) The "Nodeset Functions" category seemed to be a catch-all for functions 
we didn't know what else to do with.  However, both current() and 
count-non-empty() can be used in "conditional" scenarios, so I put them 

The count-non-empty() *could* also be used in math operations, but I 
didn't want to end up with sum-non-empty, max-non-empty, min-non-empty and 
avg-non-empty. This function is not really needed, except possibly as 
authoring convenience or optimization, but it already exists, so I just 
put it in a place where we didn't get roped into adding half a dozen more 

4) Neither count-non-empty() nor boolean-from-string() had examples, so I 
added them.  I notice that avg, min, and max also don't have examples. 
This appears to be left-over omissions from 1.0.

Do we need them? 
Can someone send the invocations and expected results from the test suite?
Should I copy the examples to the 1.1 spec?

5) I added several more examples to seconds-from-dateTime() to address 
recent misunderstandings expressed on the list.

Does everyone agree with them?
Can we add these to the test suite?

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