Updated draft of XML Data Module

Changes from the first iteration:

1. Inclusion of IDL for getting document instance and triggering load (the
latter particularly for use in non-XForms contexts).

2. An additional event (xforms-instance-load) dispatched on <instance> as a
result of calling the load() method.  This is cancelable as other events
generated by calls to model methods (e.g. refresh(), revalidate() etc).
The default action is to do the load...

3. A notification event when the instance is ready (after fetching remote
resources, for example).

4. Minor reordering of the text...

Still to do is to clean up the references to Common attributes as discussed
in the last telecon, and add references.  Then I'll be ready to rework the
XForms Instance Module to make use of this underlying data module -- adding
actions and so on.

Comments welcome...I don't think we need to schedule this for additional
time on this week's telecon -- maybe next week when I have the XForms piece

Thanks, Charlie

(See attached file: index-all.html)

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