Re: [minutes] eGov IG Call, 4 March 2009

El 04/03/2009, a las 18:00, Jose M. Alonso escribió:
> All,
> Minutes are available at:
> and as text below.
> Two important notes:
> 1) Thanks much to Daniel for scribing today
> 2) I forgot to invite RRSAgent (the logger) to the channel. As a  
> result, I had to save whatever I had in my machine as IRC log and  
> build minutes from there. Unfortunately, I missed the firs 25  
> minutes or so. Deeply sorry about it. If any of the attendees have a  
> local log, please send it to me. If you have comments to add on  
> something important, same applies.

Solved, thanks to Daniel who kept a more complete local copy of the  
log. Thanks again, Daniel!

Again, minutes are at:

-- Jose

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