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Hi Vassilios,

El 25/04/2009, a las 11:55, Peristeras, Vassilios escribió:
> Thanks Jose,
> I am wondering where the UC9 [1] could be included in the document.
> I could see it alternatively in:
> a) What Are the Main Issues with Publishing Open Government Data? As  
> a challenge for annotating data about public services using a common  
> RDFa schema, or
> b) in the interoperability section either in the How Can  
> Interoperability Be Achieved? Or in the What Are the Main Issues to  
> Achieve Interoperability? sub-sections.
> If you (or someone else) give me an indication of where to include  
> the idea I could distill the UC description in a small paragraph.
> ...
> [1] http://www.w3.org/2007/eGov/IG/wiki/Use_Case_9_-_Common_Service_Model

ISSUE-32 opened.

It could probably fit in any of the sections you mention. Several  
sections overlap and I nwo Suzanne and Kevin will take another look to  
the whole document soon in case some need to be re-arranged.

Said that, we have not referenced any of the use cases from the doc  
and I'd prefer us not to do so. I consider the ones in the wiki draft  
use cases and it still needs to be decided what to do with them, as I  
said in previous email.

I think there's already a bit in OGD that's even more generic than UC9  
and that covers this well enough for now:
"Using a Semantic Web approach, public organizations would publish  
datasets - and offer a query interface for applications to access the  
information in a non-predefined way. This would greatly boost the  
ability of third parties to use and reuse the information provided by  
public governments, in ways and applications perhaps unforeseen (and  
unforeseable) by them. "

As much as I like RDFa, I think there's enough emphasis on it right  
above that piece, too, and adding more might make the section a bit  
too biased on that specific standard.


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