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Thanks Jose,

I am wondering where the UC9 [1] could be included in the document. 
I could see it alternatively in:
a) What Are the Main Issues with Publishing Open Government Data? As a challenge for annotating data about public services using a common RDFa schema, or
b) in the interoperability section either in the How Can Interoperability Be Achieved? Or in the What Are the Main Issues to Achieve Interoperability? sub-sections. 

If you (or someone else) give me an indication of where to include the idea I could distill the UC description in a small paragraph. 

Moreover, on the What Are the Main Issues with Using the Web for Participation and Engagement? In the text I read... 
"yet many social networks have been designed to be "walled gardens", locking people in to their service as much as they possibly can."

I would add after that this: 
"certain initiatives are currently ongoing to create vocabularies that could be used to annotate and thus interlink data locked in different systems. Examples include FOAF which becomes a de facto standard for describing people and SIOC which is currently a W3C submission for annotating discussions on the web." 

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Hi Vassilios

El 22/04/2009, a las 12:23, Peristeras, Vassilios escribió:

> Jose,
> Some question as I am a bit puzzled.
> I would expect to see a link to the current version of the document  
> here
> [1]. Is there a reason for not having this available there?

It _is_ linked from there. In fact, "Group Note" is the first thing  
you find under "Current Activities."
If you don't see much changes in that version wrt the published draft,  
you're right. We decided not to implement them until agreed and not  
before end of period for comments, i.e. April 26. I see "Multi- 
Channel" is about to be done and I'm eager to add it to the doc.

> Moreover, it is not clear to me if and how the use cases we have  
> drafted
> will find their place in the final document. Moreover, what will  
> happen
> to the "pending use cases"?

I think existing use cases were basis for discussion and led to the  
current doc. I'm not sure what will happen to use cases next. I  
proposed to select and "graduate" some, even have a system more or  
less in place [2], but discussion was postponed.

> More generally, I would highly appreciate a short email wrapping up
> where we are and what has to be done during next weeks. It would be
> helpful I guess to people that couldn't closely follow all discussions
> going on now.

Compilation from minutes and latest discussions.

* April 26, deadline for comments to the draft.
   + Group does not expect to publish a new draft but the final  
document directly
* April 29, 13:00Z, Group call.
   + Review of ISSUES
   + Resolve easiest ones
   + Action people to deal with the ones that need more attention
   + Deadline to solve all: May 5
* May 6, Extra 2-hour Group call, 13:00Z
   + Resolve pending issues, close all actions
* May 9, all changes done, doc finalized
   + request publication
* May 12, publication of final Note
* until mid-end June, development of 2nd charter
* end of September, first charter extension expires
(latest two assuming W3M approves extension, but don't expect any  

So two _very_ intense weeks coming up.

Hope this helps,


> Thanks and Best regards,
> Vassilios
> [1]

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