cursor movement

it is my understanding that both in the case of the traditional
contenteditable and contenteditable=minimal, the movement of the cursor
will still be handled by the browser, at least in the case of using the
arrow keys to move around. I am thinking of things when the cursor should
move across "complex elements" and how it should treat SVGs, IMGs, and
CANVAS (and other stub) elements.

It may seem obvious that the cursor should just jump to the other side of
such elements when using left/right and not inside of it when going up and
down. But it is my understanding that browser makers feel that this is not
an area they will fix unless there is a specification that clearly states
how the cursor is supposed to move.

So my question is: What document will be covering this in the future? It's
not really covered by selection given that it's only relevant for
contenteditable, correct?

Johannes Wilm
Fidus Writer

Received on Wednesday, 6 August 2014 11:47:55 UTC