Re: [dxwg] Do we need a new property dcat:seriesMember defined as dcat:inSeries's inverse? (#1335)

> I am slightly confused say we have both properties (dcat:seriesMember owl:inverseOf dcat:inSeries .) 

I'm saying that if we notionally define the inverse pair like that, then we discover that we don't actually need both of them to represent the same knowledge. So best only include one, and explain to people who think they need the inverse why they actually don't. 

If you are not implementing a graph or triple-store, then you must be mapping to RDF on the interface, in which case the same argument still applies. Nested Turtle or RDF/XML or any other serialization is just syntax - it still implies a set of triples. And in that case it doesn't really matter which direction you implement. 

I am a relatively recent convert to this POV, because I wasn't thinking clearly before :-) 

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