Re: [dxwg] DatasetSeries: adding dcat:inSeries and its inverse, updating the dataset examples. (#1328)

> > @andrea-perego:
> > Yes, the names are long. However, I wonder if mentioning 'series' in the property names can help recall and use these properties more coherently. This also considering possible confusion with `dcterms:hasPart` and other parts-related properties. What do you think?
> I don't think it's necessary to recall the scope of this property, as it has its own domain (`dcat:DatasetSeries`). For the same reason, including "series" in the property name looks redundant, and I am not very worried about being confused with `dcterms:hasPart`.
> However, if the close semantics of "part" and "series" raises concerns on improper use, we should consider other options.
> `dcat:hasChild` / `dcat:hasParent` are a good alternative, IMO, and they reflect the hierarchical structure of dataset series, as already mentioned in PR #1292 and in [#1307 (comment)](

If you think `dcat:hasSeriesMember` is too long and not acceptable then `dcat:hasMember` will be my choice.

Using `dcat:hasChild` and `dcat:hasParent` helps those familiar with ISO dataset series.  However, we target a larger audience. In this target, I suspect people might have different views of what is considered a child of a dataset (potentially, anything originated by a dataset can be considered a 'child'!? and that might be confusing). 

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