Re: Doodle for DXWG Plenary Meetings from March 28th until October 10th of 2021

The suggested times are 21:00, 22:00, and 23:00 UTC, right? I think the mental shift goes the other way, so we in Pacific time would call them 2:00pm, 3:00pm, and 4:00pm once we move to UTC-7:00. We “spring forward”, so what we had previously called “1:00” becomes “2:00”. For the U.S. and Europe, the poll is showing us times one hour earlier than they will be in the near future.

> On Mar 10, 2021, at 10:38 AM, Karen Coyle <> wrote:
> Thanks, Caroline & Riccardo -
> Note that the time displayed in the poll is whatever time it is in your time zone *on the day you open the poll*. As a Pacific time dweller, it showed times one hour later than it will be after the time change this weekend. For folks in Europe, where the time change happens later this month, you may have to make the same mental adjustment to the poll.
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> On 3/10/21 10:09 AM, Caroline Burle wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> as you may see at last Plenary Meeting minutes [1], we decided to do a Doodle poll so we may choose the best time for our Tuesday's meetings from March 28th until October 10th of 2021, due to the USA and Europe time changes.
>> Please fill in until March 22nd: . Thank you Riccardo for setting up the poll. :)
>> Note that the time is in the viewer’s time slot. Also remember that for those in USA it will change on March 14th and for those in Europe it will change on March 28th.
>> Furthermore, regardless of the poll result, our next meeting, on March 23rd, will be at 21:00 UTC.
>> Thank you! Kind regards,
>> Caroline
>> [1]
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