Re: [dxwg] Generalise diagrams (#826)

@kcoyle thanks for the itemisation.

**For 2**: "properties are generally shown linking to values"...  
Not in ontology diagrams! See [AGRIF]( or the W3C's [Organization Ontology]( or even [ADMS]( ADMS shows the property `dcat:dataset` with the TBox triple `adms:AssetRepository dcat:dataset adms:Asset` as per a UML class diagram with the
`adms:AssetRepository` box connecting via a `dcat:dataset` arrow to a `adms:Asset`. I've property diagramming like `prof:hasResource` within `prof:Profile prof:hasResource prof:ResourceDescriptor` in the same way. Yes, to range values.

**Also for 2**: "Also, it shows one value (token), which, if this is a class diagram, should be rdfs:literal."  
`xsd:token a owl:DatatypeProperty .` and the key indicated that the rectangles are "XSD Datatype" objects so this is correct.

**For 3**: "I still argue that dct:format is not appropriate as a property on a node or URI that is not a physical item with a format."  
This is a substantive point about the modelling, not the diagrams *per se* so can you raisw a separate issue for that?

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