Re: [dxwg] definitions clarifications of conforms to (#1130)

@bertvannuffelen  @makxdekkers I think we should be careful about discussing conformance at catalog level.

It could be that a conformsTo at the level of the catalogue would somehow cascade down to records and datasets. But it's certainly not a universal rule. As a matter of fact I would be uncertain about asserting a triple like `ex:catalog1 dct:conformsTo <GeoDCATAP>`. Does the DCAT spec include an example like this?

A statement like this one would probably capture only one partial aspect of the catalogue conformance, i.e. how the metadata for its entries is created. Complete conformance info about a catalogue may refer to standards that are not for catalogue records and catalogued datasets. And certainly these standards wouldn't be for both records and datasets at the same time. 
As @bertvannuffelen noted, the DCAT spec doesn't say much about catalog conformance (the usage notes are for other levels).  And it seems even wiser to not venture into making statements about the interplay between the different levels of conformance. 

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