Re: [dxwg] definitions clarifications of conforms to (#1130)

CatalogRecord.conformsTo  should identify the 'standard' that the dcat record at CatalogRecord.foaf:PrimaryTopic conforms to (however the metadata producer interprets 'conformance, which hopefully they document somewhere). In the dcat context I would expect this to be some dcat profile. 

dcat:Resource.conformsTo should identify the 'standard' that the content of the described resource 'conforms to' (see caveat above).  Because there might be multiple distributions, there is some ambiguity here. In the general case I would expect this conformance to be at the level of a conceptual model that all distributions would conform to. 

dcat:Distribution.conformsTo should identify the 'standard' that the actual serialization for that distribution 'conforms to'. In general this should be a specification that details syntax conventions particular to a specific serialization of the resource content. If there is a conformsTo on the resource that is being distributed, I would expect the 'standard' for the Distribution to be consistent/compatible with the 'standard' for the Resource. 

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Received on Saturday, 2 November 2019 03:59:33 UTC