Re: [dxwg] Clarify the scope of `dct:identifier` (#771)

Thanks @makxdekkers indeed that helps in that it lays out some of the issues and options, though I don't think it fully resolves it. 

The geospatial metadata community wants to have an identifier for the dataset-metadata-record distinct from the identifier for the dataset, because they are managed and versioned separately. In a DCAT context that means that a `dcat:CatalogRecord` comes into play, since it is explicitly related to the lifecycle of the `dcat:Dataset` description. Conceptually that much is clear, and the separation of concerns in DCAT matches standard registry models. 

However, I'm not sure that either the URI of the `dcat:CatalogRecord` or the URI of the `dcat:Dataset` identifies the _RDF graph_ that is the actual dataset description. Maybe the full story requires us to step up to 'named graphs'? 

I realise I'm making fine distinctions here, and it has echoes of the notorious Range-14 discussion from >10 years ago. Most of the web has moved on from that, 

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