[dxwg] Collection implementation evidence for DCAT-2 (#767)

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== Collection implementation evidence for DCAT-2 ==
I started preparing a spreadsheet to collect implementation evidence, based on the table in the DCAT 2014 implementation report: 


You can find it here:


In the spreadsheet I added all the classes now in DCAT-2, along all the properties explicitly or implicitly associated with them. I also marked with a gray background those classes/properties which are a legacy from DCAT 2014 - and for which I guess we don't need to provide implementation evidence. Finally, I used other formatting for specifying the new classes / properties, "recommended" properties, those inherited from `dcat:Resource`, those inherited from parent classes (see the "legenda" tab in the spreadsheet for details).

@dr-shorthair , @agbeltran , @davebrowning , @pwin , do you think this approach could make sense?

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