VOTE: include roles in next WD of PROF

To move things along, we're going to try doing some off-meeting votes.
This is a technique we've used in DCMI to great success. The idea is to
end a github discussion with a clear decision, one that can be added to
our records, similar to a vote during a meeting.

I have created a "vote comment" here:

The text is:

PROPOSED: Include a core set of roles in the next working draft of the
Profiles Vocabulary.

To vote yes (+1), use the thumbs up emoji on the comment. Thumbs down is
"no" or -1. There is a frowny emoji that we can use to mean the same as
"0" in our meeting votes. And PLEASE VOTE.

Thanks, Peter and Karen

p.s. This particular vote only resolves a portion of the discussion in
#747, but it at least gets that off the table. Ideally, issues would be
granular enough to be concluded with a single vote, but we're seeing a
lot of complex discussions which are having a circular nature. We'll try
to sort those out.
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Received on Saturday, 16 February 2019 19:03:38 UTC