Re: [dxwg] Specify the semantics of prof:isTransitiveProfileOf wrt prof:isProfileOf (#644)

@nicholascar I'm not convinced that this PR is a response to the question posed here. As I read it, the PR says: 

# A profile that is within a hierarchy of profiles may wish to indicate it profiles
# things "further up the chain". To do this, prof:isTransitiveProfileOf can be used
# to indicate anything the profile is related to by a series of one or more
# prof:isProfileOf properties.

but that's pretty vague: "things further up the chain". What does "profile" mean as a verb? Is anything a "thing" to be profiled?

Perhaps the diff doesn't show enough context and this snippet out of context isn't sufficient. 

Also, there is still at least one reference to "inference" that should be reviewed by @aisaac .

# Now, according to the semantics of prof:isTransitiveProfileOf, using the
# prof:isProfileOf statements above, one can infer the following additional
# statements:

I think it would be better to post proposed wording here for review, and not propose closing until the wording has been agreed on here. I'll remove the "due for closing" until we have agreed text.

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Received on Saturday, 16 February 2019 15:51:30 UTC