Re: [dxwg] Create generic properties such as "hasExpression" or "documentedIn" instead of hasResource/(hasRole | hasArtifact) (#747)

@smrgeoinfo re:2 properties - that is close to what I was suggesting. I don't care if they are SKOS or RDF, but as @makxdekkers says we should supply a core of roles because in fact that's what people will use (Dublin Core being the proof of that concept). @aisaac I would like us to have some formal agreement that a core of roles must be in the PROF vocabulary as published. We can figure out later if they're defined as SKOS concepts or not. I'd like to set up a vote, so I suggest (vote will happen in a separate comment):
PROF will include in the PROF working draft a core of roles, to be determined. 

Later we can specify those roles and their semantics. If no one objects strongly I will set up the vote - probably for early next week.

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Received on Thursday, 14 February 2019 17:28:23 UTC