Re: [dxwg] Create generic properties such as "hasExpression" or "documentedIn" instead of hasResource/(hasRole | hasArtifact) (#747)

@larsgsvensson Yes of course the group could publish a set of predefined individuals. As far as I see it, there is no semantic difference between defining a small set of generic properties and defining a small set of generic roles, especially if there is no maintenance agency for the role vocabulary. And if you can't add new roles in the SKOS concept scheme, you're losing the flexibility that I think was part of @aisaac's argument.
So you can only realise the added flexibility of a SKOS role vocabulary if it is maintained by someone, and I don't see an obvious candidate for such a long-term commitment. 
My own rule is: don't create a vocabulary if you can't maintain it. Remember the [Basic Semantic Register](, [UDDI]( and [UDEF](

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