Re: [dxwg] Links across DCAT rec, rdf files and namespace pages (#377)

Looking for discussion and opinion on this:

As preparation for any new WD (or candidate rec etc), we should ensure that we are happy that any link use is consistent and useful.  This approach in the existing ED is in part as discussed in #671

>Within chapter 6 - _the Vocabulary Definition,_ - the linked text in the slot next to **RDF Class:** or **RDF Property** heading in each table should point to the W3C /ns/ or to the external reference (FOAF and DC). All other cross-references within the document, including within chapter 6, should point to the relevant section/fragment within Chapter 6

Currently, the links resolve to the 2014 namespace document.  Unless we change the namespace we are using (which I think we have already implicitly ruled out) we will need to replace this with a new one that includes 2014 info, but also adds what we need for DCAT-rev.  The simplest approach would be to follow the XML examples [here]( and [here]( - provide some notes on the namespace and links to useful documents such as the REC and the dcat.ttl file.  We could go further and follow the skos [example]( which is perhaps more user friendly (essentially it would provide a copy of Chapter 6, plus links back to the REC and any other files) but more work and somewhat circular in its referencing.

I suggest we go for the simple approach and go for something akin to the XML level of information.  If anyone has knowledge of what other Working Groups have done that they think would be useful for DXWG to follow then please make the suggestion.

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