Re: [dxwg] property profileOfTransitive (#486)

Seems like this issue depends first on the resolution of #643, where the question (as I read it) is 'is the prof:profileOfTransitive property necessary'.  A lot of the discussion here is more germane to #643.   If the answer to that is NO, then this issue is moot. 
If the answer is yes, then the original questions here are:
1.  should 'profileOfTransitive' be renamed 'transitiveProfileOf'
2.  should two assertions be added to the ontology:
prof:profileOfTransitive rdf:type owl:ObjectProperty , owl:TransitiveProperty .
prof:profileOf rdfs:subPropertyOf prof:profileOfTransitive .`

It looks like there are 4 upvotes on this proposal (, and following comment from @nicholascar). FWIW I'm +1 on the proposed changes on as well.

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