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Hi Karen,

It may have been decided when you were away but we are not following the procedure you mention below whereby Issues are marked due-for-closing by editors and then closed only by chairs. Since that note on March 19 you refer to, we discussed procedure in a plenary meeting and the Conneg editors, not the chairs, have closed many Conneg issues. The DCAT editors, not chairs, have closed dozens of DCAT Issues. 

For a DCAT example, see for a single closed example and see and note that there are at least 2 pages of DCAT Issues closed since March 19, not by chairs.

Looking back at previous plenary meeting minutes, I’ve previously statically listed many Conneg Issues marked due for closing, e.g., and DCAT only has only done so once or twice: certainly not all the Issues they have closed have been listed. Mostly a link to the GitHub Issues has been provided only.

So, please stop re-opening all Issues we close by default. If you have a specific reason to reopen an Issue we have closed, please do so, as anyone may, but in general, it is for editors, not chairs, to close Issues and we will be closing them as we need to as we tidy our issues. 

Generally we will try and mark Issues due-for-closing for a week before actually closing but this is not a hard rule: sometimes we will directly close Issues we discover that have been superseded or have been dormant for a long time and should have been closed previously.



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> On 23 Aug 2019, at 1:59 am, Karen Coyle via GitHub <> wrote:
> @nicholascar The roles in 2pwd are not what was "determined" from the discussion. In fact, there were no agreed roles or definitions as that discussion was only just getting started and consensus was far from being reached. 
> Also note that as per the [March 19 meeting]( github issues are to be marked "due for closing" and @pwin  and I will close them if we feel they should be closed. Please mark issues but no not close them.
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