Re: [dxwg] Reflect all 'Usage notes' into DCAT RDF representation (#725)

During the discussion,  two remedies were proposed, namely
1. moving local definitions to scope-notes
2. prefixing the text with a note about the context. 

My judgement is that 2. is a better solution, and also removes the need to do 1. Furthermore, as the text in the `skos:definition` reflects the text in the document, which is labeled "Definition", this makes the RDF representation consistent with the document. Scope-note is _not_ the same as definition. 

The ability to have repeated properties is a 'feature' of RDF, not a 'bug'. Where there is more than one definition, the ones other than the originals are now clearly scoped to DCAT (in some cases to a specified class), and by language. The vocabularies that we are re-using (DCT, FOAF, PROV, ODRL) don't all use the same way to record the definitions in the RDF representation, but now DCAT at least has adopted a uniform approach. 

The goal here is for users who only load `dcat.ttl` to have all the annotations visible to them. I think this solution achieves that. If there is repetition with other RDF graphs, then the combined RDF graph should not create duplicates, so there is no harm done. I don't see how this is 'creating mess', unless you are running a strange RDF API. 

(Two missing language tags is a small error that is corrected with #1034 .)

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Received on Thursday, 8 August 2019 07:19:48 UTC