[dxwg] Pull Request: Sub-editing/Issue 301

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== Sub-editing/Issue 301 ==
This set of changes aims to address the textual rules raised in issue #301.  Along the way, there has been some clarifing textual changes ( in particular where the addition of services to catalogs hadn't been acknowledged) and a few broken internal links.  There's a fair few small changes (There was also an indentation problem which has increased the line count....)

Some of these updates need to be reflected in the rdf (turtle) file but since some of the links to that don't work (see #320 ) yet and we need to address how that works for 2PWD, I'd like to ensure the changes are okay then I can cut and paste into the rdf and ensure the links work as needed


1. The document still repeats some properties in (e.g.  `title` is in `dcat:Catalog` etc as well as `dcat:Resource`.  In general the definitions are now the same. Are we happy to define the properties once in the super class and make that change now?

2. In general internal links to class definitions don't work in the editors draft - it looks  to me that the respec process fixes that, but I'm following that up to make sure it's done correctly. 

See https://github.com/w3c/dxwg/pull/332

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