[dxwg] Confusion between major classes as newly defined in DCAT

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== Confusion between major classes as newly defined in DCAT ==
>From the quick overview definitions, it was not clear to me what the difference is between a resource and a catalogRecord. I think it would help to explain up front that a resource is being used as a parent class. At this point, it's not clear to me that it should be the parent of a dataset rather than a distribution. One reason is that CKAN has a different meaning for the term "resource" that is often used as a distribution. But I also just think that the term "resource" suggests a less abstract thing than a dataset. To me this hinges on the question of whether distributions vary in ways other than format.
If we find that a distribution is a resource, I think we would make a small change to the overview diagram and move the connector between dataset and resource to connect distribution and resource. I would also change the arrow from DataDistributionResource to point to the Distribution rather than the Dataset.

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