Re: [dxwg] Confusion between major classes as newly defined in DCAT

The word has some history around RDF too

"Resource Description Framework"

In RDFS we eventually said that all things are resources,

There was another sense floating around too, tied more to HTTP, REST and
the URI/URL/IRI/URN debates.

....and in educational metadata and digital library settings, and to some
extent early Dublin Core discussions, it meant more like "something you
might discover and use", hence resource discovery etc ...

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> == Confusion between major classes as newly defined in DCAT ==
> >From the quick overview definitions, it was not clear to me what the
> difference is between a resource and a catalogRecord. I think it would help
> to explain up front that a resource is being used as a parent class. At
> this point, it's not clear to me that it should be the parent of a dataset
> rather than a distribution. One reason is that CKAN has a different meaning
> for the term "resource" that is often used as a distribution. But I also
> just think that the term "resource" suggests a less abstract thing than a
> dataset. To me this hinges on the question of whether distributions vary in
> ways other than format.
> If we find that a distribution is a resource, I think we would make a
> small change to the overview diagram and move the connector between dataset
> and resource to connect distribution and resource. I would also change the
> arrow from DataDistributionResource to point to the Distribution rather
> than the Dataset.
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