UCR - my review

I read through all (!) of the minutes to review what use cases and
requirements have been approved. I found one requirement that we
rejected but was still in the UCR, and there were some requirements
where I couldn't find our discussion so I didn't find proof of
acceptance even though they are not listed as out of scope in the UCR.
If anyone has any notes or memory that can clarify the status of any of
these, it would be greatly appreciated.

Use Cases - can't find approval

5.21 Machine actionable link for a mapping client [ID21]
5.22 Template link in metadata [ID22]
5.25 Publication of catalog information [ID25]
5.44 Identification of versioned datasets and subsets [ID44]
5.45 Annotating data quality [ID45]
5.51 Describing distribution subsetting and container mechanism
separately from form of individual items.[ID51]

Requirement was out of scope, but in UCR
6.1.3 Primary and alternative identifier [RIDALT]

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