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== New UC for Development and governance of localised DCAT Application Profiles  ==

### Development and governance of localised DCAT Application Profiles 
Status: proposed


Creator:  Rob Atkinson (Please Andrea and Makx check details)

Deliverable(s): (DCAT1.1, AP Guidelines)

## Tags
Profiles, Semantics

## Stakeholders
Publishers and users of implementing profiles of DCAT. (This use case is evidence for a wider scope of any cases where the finer grained semantics of catalogues resources needs to address interoperability concerns.)

## Problem statement
As evidenced by DCAT-AP and GeoDCAT,  profiles of DCAT may be declared and then specialised by communities of practice or local jurisdictions. GeoDCAT-AP is thus a profile of both DCAT-AP and GeoDCAT,  DCAT-AP-IT is an Italian profile of DCAT-AP.
Profiles may be supported by multiple resources, with different roles. DCAT-AP for example provides documents in multiple formats, SHACL validations for multiple versions of SHACL, spreadsheet templates and other types of implementation resources.
The DCAT-AP example also illustrates the practical need to describe relationships between different versions of the profile, and for each of these a unique set of implementation resources.

[link to Makx's presentation at F2F here]

## Existing approaches
Current use of DCAT-AP is a clear example of the need for this pattern in practice.  https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/release/dcat-ap-v11 shows this registered in a catalogue (as a sort of Dataset - which suggests generalisation of DCAT scope) along with a set of implementations resources (described as "distributions").

In programming languages such as Java, a statement of object interoperability is achieved by statements of inheritance of (possibly multiple) "interface" classes. 

## Links

## Requirements
6.2.1 Version subject [RVSS]
6.2.3 Version identifier [RVSID]
6.8.1 Profile definition [RPFDF]
6.8.2 Profile representation [RPFRP]

## Related use cases
5.3 Responses can conform to multiple, modular profiles [ID3]
5.4 Dataset Versioning Information [ID4]
5.7 Support associating fine-grained semantics for datasets and resources within a dataset [ID7]
5.20 Modelling resources different from datasets [ID20]
5.24 Harmonising INSPIRE-obligations and DCAT-distribution [ID24]
5.30 Standard APIs for metadata profile negotiation [ID30]
5.39 DCAT Metadata profile integration [ID39]
5.41 Vocabulary constraints [ID41]

## Comments
The nature of profile inheritance and attached resources are implications of this Use Case that were previously inferred from the context in which, for example, the DCAT-AP example was raised, i.e.  in more specific Use Cases about single aspects of DCAT expressivity.  A comment was made that without a grounding in typical technical solution patterns it was insufficiently clear that these overarching governance and usage experiences directly drove the inferred requirements. 


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