Re: [dxwg] A mechanism must be available to identify conformance to each inherited profile given conformance to a profile that specialises it (6.1)

We may need to circle around to get a mutual understanding of context here:  "connect the dataset itself to resources related to it"  doesnt fit my understanding - the connection between a dataset and metadata would be through dct:conformsTo - the resource being pointed at may be a prof:Profile, a sucClass of dct:Standard. If it is a Profile, then profileDesc allows discovery of both how a specific profile relates to other standards and where the (many possible types of) actionable resource describing the profile live.

In this way it fulfils the need to be able to find profile details, which would be hard if these were attached in an ad-hoc way, and to understand the most basic things about them which the resources cannot yet describe - how they relate to each other.

so we still need to provide "guidance" on what types of profile description language might best suit profiles of DCAT, but we also need to allow DCAT to be descriptive of data interoperability (aka profile conformance) and as there is no existing vocabulary that anyone has identified, then profileDesc can extend the expressivity of DCAT, in the same way using ODRL, PROV or other special purpose ontology does.

(The discussion gets a bit recursive unfortunately - and similar concepts appear in different contexts. :-(  )

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