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Thank you for the welcome, and I very much appreciate the info on how I can
stay informed of the F2F activities. I will reach out to you if needed and
wish you all safe travels next week.


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Thanks, Adam, and welcome!

Next week the group is meeting in Genoa, Italy for two days.[1] Although
it will be possible to call in using W3C's webex, the time frame of the
meeting makes participation from North America very difficult. We'll try
to keep good minutes and do a short wrap-up to the mailing list afterward.

If you have questions, I'm around until Friday, on Pacific time, and can
be reached as kcoylenet on Skype.



On 5/1/18 9:18 AM, Adam Sisco wrote:
> Hello DXWG,
> My name is Adam Sisco, and I wanted to briefly introduce myself ahead of
> today’s telecon. I am a Research Associate at the University of Alabama
> in Huntsville and here as a representative of the NASA Earth Science
> Data Systems (ESDS) Program. The ESDS Program oversees the lifecycle on
> NASA’s growing collection of Earth science data, and the provision of
> metadata is of course integral in being able to discover, access, and
> use that data. My work largely relates to the discovery of NASA Earth
> science data through the curation of specialized Earth observation
> metadata in the Common Metadata Repository (CMR), and I am also involved
> in the curation of federal climate data and services in and
> I am new to W3C and still learning the ropes but will be working to
> bring myself up to speed on the group’s working documents. Upon doing
> that and joining a couple calls, I can assess where I may be able to
> contribute.
> Regards,
> *Adam Sisco*
> Research Associate
> University of Alabama in Huntsville
> NSSTC 3097
> 320 Sparkman Drive
> Huntsville, AL 35805

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