Re: Agenda Tuesday 19 June

Hi everyone,

I have to send regrets for this call. I am in another, all-day meeting, I may be able to follow on IRC but certainly not connect by audio.

I was wondering, what is now the best way for putting comments on the requirements to be discussed, so that they're easily picked up by the group in a call, when one cannot q+ to voice them?

There's of course, but there are several places there where comments can be put (in the first list, in the categorized list, and in the use cases themselves). As a matter of fact I've put comments really deep in the document, and I'm not sure the group has the time to check everything during calls.



On 18/06/18 03:48, Karen Coyle wrote:
> We will continue to work through the requirements for the profiles
> guidance deliverable, with requirements for content negotiation to follow.

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