RE: Adding use cases to W3C Data Set Exchange Working Group

An efficient way of interacting is via the GitHub issues list.
This query will show you the current issues labelled “version”:

Most of the ones showing are generated directly from the Requirements, extracted from the Use Cases.

Suggest you start by looking through these to see how many of your requirements are already on the list.
If you have a GitHub account you can add comments directly (or even new issues).


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Subject: Re: Adding use cases to W3C Data Set Exchange Working Group

Dear Jens,

we welcome your feedback and contributions.

The UCR document [1]  is released as a First Public Working Draft and provides instructions for feedback.

Please in particular note the requirements drawn from the Use Cases and check if these meet your needs - they tend to be somewhat generalised from the specific Use Cases identified.  If you feel your Use Cases provide additional explanation or justification for existing requirements, or a counter example, or identify a missing requirement, then we would be keen to include them in future drafts. If you feel we can explain anything better suggest improvements :-)

I have taken the liberty to cc- this to the group, as we are tracking who we have had contact with, and staying in touch with RDA is important to us.

Rob Atkinson


On Thu, 25 Jan 2018 at 14:41 <<>> wrote:
Dear Simon, Dear Rob,

We are in the process of preparing the next face-to-face meeting of the RDA Data Versioning Working Group at the RDA Plenary in Berlin. At the meeting of the precursor Data Versioning Interest Group at the last RDA Plenary in Montreal Simon Cox suggested that we should feed our use cases for data versioning into the W3C Data Set Exchange Working Group as part of our work plan. The idea was to get a broader adoption of data versioning practices through working with the W3C group.

Recently we noticed that the W3C Working Group had already published a number of use cases. Our question to you is: can we still contribute our use cases and what is the correct way to do this? It would be great if you could help us as liaisons to the W3C Working Group.

Thank you very much for your help.


Dr Jens Klump
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Geoscience Analytics Team Leader
Mineral Resources
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