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> I tend to agree. 
> Our job is to supply the tools. 
> The communities will define their profiles. 
> These might be done as community activities under W3C auspices, but most will likely not. 

In fact, our charter says:

2.2 Out of Scope
The Dataset Exchange Working Group will not create application profiles
or metadata standards that only apply to very specific domains (such as
particle physics, accountancy, oncology etc.)


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> I don't think we are supposed to be proposing specific profiles. My understanding is that we are providing guidance as to how others can propose their own. In any case, making a single profile for all scientific data would be about as easy as (in homage to Phil) boiling the ocean. But I do want to ensure that profiles are something that scientific communities can use (and define for themselves).
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> On 1/4/18 4:31 PM, Rob Atkinson wrote:
>>  i.e. should we propose a DCAT profile for scientific data (and then 
>> delegate it to either a keen subgroup to add as a deliverable, or 
>> describe the potential scope in the guidleline deliverable and then 
>> park the issue)?
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