RE: Profile definitions / DCAT update

I tend to agree. 
Our job is to supply the tools. 
The communities will define their profiles. 
These might be done as community activities under W3C auspices, but most will likely not. 


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I don't think we are supposed to be proposing specific profiles. My understanding is that we are providing guidance as to how others can propose their own. In any case, making a single profile for all scientific data would be about as easy as (in homage to Phil) boiling the ocean. But I do want to ensure that profiles are something that scientific communities can use (and define for themselves).


On 1/4/18 4:31 PM, Rob Atkinson wrote:
>  i.e. should we propose a DCAT profile for scientific data (and then 
> delegate it to either a keen subgroup to add as a deliverable, or 
> describe the potential scope in the guidleline deliverable and then 
> park the issue)?

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