RE: Have labels changed?

Certainly the labels seem to have change but I don't know who by or when. I think, from memory, what is now "profile-negotiation" was previously "conneg" or "profile_conneg" or similar.

Part of the pull request I put through to the GitHub was to rename the "profiles" folder to "profile-guidance". Such a renaming could be aligned with a new keyword for that which is then unambiguous.




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Subject: Have labels changed?

I may be losing my mind, but I no longer find a label for the profiles guidance deliverable, and I thought we had one (although I can't remember exactly how it was worded). We now have
- profile-description (which one would assume relates to profileDesc)
- profile-negotiation

Were labels changed? Unfortunately, github doesn't keep seem to keep track of those kinds of changes - although if it does, please let me know where to find it.

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