Re: [dxwg] Allow license property to link to other than LicenseDocument

In Australia we have several initiatives of government that apply rules to items in catalogues that would be best described as ODRL policies, not licenses, which motivates the use of odrl:hasPolicy. 

One current example is a catalogue that is storing data generated within a project but which is only released publicly after some time. So the Use Case is:

"I am a catalogue manager and I want to encode notes on data publication permissions being enabled 6 months after dataset creation. I want to use the primary catalogue model (DCAT) rather than auxillory recording system"

This could be recorded something like this:

  dct:license <> ;
  odrl:hasPolicy [
    a odrl:Policy ;
    rdfs:label "Access to data granted 6 months after lodgement" ;
    odrl:permission [
      odrl:action [
        ...define the publishing action...
      ] ;
      odrl:constraint [
        odrl:leftOperand xsd:dateTime ;
        odrl:operator "gt" ;
        odrl:rightOperand :Dataset_X_created_date + :6_months
Note that this is example is close to an ODRL Best Practice case <>, Example 1.2B

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Received on Wednesday, 18 April 2018 13:11:29 UTC