Re: Plenary Meeting 17 April 2018: Agenda / Apologies

   Dear Peter, dear colleagues, 

      shortly I will join the other participants of the W3C Workshop on Data Privacy for a dinner and may miss the telcon, please accept my apologies.
    There was no progress in  "Additional Use Case on Real World Objects",  regarding comments from Øystein, I have analyzed them and will add the 
    individual parts to appropriate GitHub conversations - to be ready for tomorrow's call.

     Best regards


On Monday, April 16, 2018 16:03 CEST, pedro winstley <> wrote: 
> Dear colleagues
> is the link
> for the meeting tomorrow (17 April 2018) at 20:00 UTC (
> )
> The agenda includes consideration of comments on the UCR document; further
> planning for the 3rd face to face, but must focus particularly on clearing
> up the issues that are holding back the DCAT  FPWD publication
> Best
> Peter
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